Fundacja Towarzystwo przyjaciół

Society OF FRIENDS foundation

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"Pomagajcie sobie nawzajem w praktyczny sposób, kiedy pojawia się potrzeba, co jest minimalnym wymogiem miłości." 

"Tender to one another in all convenient outward things, for that is the least love." 

George Fox,  założyciel Towarzystwa Przyjaciół (Kwakrów)

George Fox, founder of Society Friends (Quakers)

We apologize for our possible mistakes, but English is not our native language, 

therefore we ask for your understanding ...


If you order from us creating your website, 

an income from making this service will support our Fund for the Defence of Human Rights in Poland … 

We create websites in 7 days

but if you wish shorter term, your website can be made in 3 days

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Prices for the creating the website

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10 GBP / 15 USD / 14 Eur monthly

In addition to creating your website 

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once a week monitoring 

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we also offer: 

Registration of your internet domain 

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Registration of your internet sub-domain 

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English proofreading and stylistic correction 

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Expanding your website 

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Professional e-mail address 

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Interactive map 

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Contact form 

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Registration form 

on your website (to fill by your customers / visitors 

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Photo gallery 

on your website 

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... and ask us for more you need :) 

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Send us your order or enquiry 

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... or you can call us to our English mobile number 

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For making our services, as you choose, we can delivery 

an international invoice or confirmation of your donation for the Foundation. 

Please choose your country:

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