Fundacja Towarzystwo przyjaciół

Society OF FRIENDS foundation

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Type of the website: 1.1. BASIC

BASIC website, modern style

2 sub-pages 

Lavylite Torun 

Registration website of Multilevel 

Marketing Company, Torun Branch

BASIC website, classic style

3 sub-pages

Adwokat Tomasz Gadomski

 Official website of Lawyer Office 

in Torun 

BASIC website, classic style

3 sub-pages

Kwakrzy w Toruniu

Quakers Meeting in Torun,

official information website

Type of the website: 1.2. STANDARD

STANDARD website, modern style

4 sub-pages 


Small Loans Private Company

in Torun 

STANDARD website, classic style

9 sub-pages


Partner City Associacion in Torun,

non-governmental organisation

STANDARD website, classic style

10 sub-pages

Fundacja Rozwoju Resocjalizacji

Foundation for Rehabilitation

Development, non-governmental

STANDARD website, classic style

9 sub-pages

Conservative Friends in Europe

information website about Conservative 

Friends Meetings in Europe 

Type of the website: 1.3. EXTENDED

EXTENDED website, modern style

 12 sub-pages

RKW Kujawy

Election Control Movement, 

Kujawsko - Pomorskie Province, ngo 

EXTENDED website, classic style

 48 sub-pages


Municipal Center for Education

and Addiction Prophylaxis in Torun

EXTENDED website, classic style

 18 sub-pages

Kwakrzy w Polsce

Un-official information website about

Quakers Meetings in Poland